1. The Herald

Lyrics and Music: S. Papacostas, J. Foland, M. Yoshida, J. Jacobs

Production: Fil Kinetic at Horse-Drawn Production


Hear me coming, look into my eyes
All those hungering for my lies
A little lift is all I need
To get you where I want you to be
Hear me coming, look into my eyes
Hear me coming, look into my eyes
Hear me coming, don't act surprised

You only hear what you want
I don't even lie
You give me every concession
Every compromise
I bring them closer
To ultimate demise
Got what you wanted
Open up your eyes

The view is the same
I just changed the points
The cracks have started
To show in this joint
While you wait for a savior
I am burning it down, down
I drink the accolades
From this whole fucking town

And I know
I know you want it
I know
And you can't let go
I know
I know

Too late to turn back
You got to play your role
You wanted it all
So you sold your soul
I can't believe how easy you made it
For me to turn your back
On your own

Yeah, I said it
And I'll say it openly
Open up your mind
Open wide for me