Lyrics and Music: S. Papacostas, J. Foland, M. Yoshida, J. Jacobs

Production: Fil Kinetic at Horse-Drawn Production


Running in circles and chased by the wind
The old man falls to the ground
And as the ground tilts and he clings to the edge
He braces his ears from the sound
Of the one who they feared but never believed in
It rises from depths long forgotten
The old wizard searches his mind for a ward
The thing has returned, and so has the horde

Crawling and climbing the old man holds on
He reaches up toward the skies
The blood it rains down and blankets them all
As all of them meet their demise
That they should have seen coming
He showed them the signs
He foretold exactly this scene
He scrambles alone over the new jagged world
He travels alone and wonders, what it means

The perpetrator laughs alone
At the comfortable ignorance
Are they really innocent
When they brought it on themselves
How can you sit back and watch
How can I get you there
How can you sit back and watch
But you're doing nothing
You could have been here
You should have been here with us

This time it's real
This time it's real

I tried to tell them, I told everyone
No one would listen, now they're all gone
Showed them the signs
Told them their fate
They were too busy
Now it's too late

I tried to tell you
You were the one
You wouldn't listen
Now we're all done
Showed you the signs
Told you your fate
You were too busy
Now it's too late